The Broulette kitchen is a great example of the finely crafted custom cabinetry and tables that we work with customers to create. In this kitchen we built a beautiful island table with a warm wood base topped with a white marble top, matching with the white marble of the kitchen sink. Surrounding the island is custom cabinetry and countertops crafted in the Richmond style. All in all, this kitchen is a gorgeous example of fine aesthetics and utilitarian functionality.

The Argentine Kitchen and Bathroom are examples of the extent of beautiful creativity and subtle elegance put into each and every project that Custom Woodcraft works on. This kitchen cabinetry and table layout include beautiful, rich, dark cherry cabinetry and marble countertops. The island is mirrored with an accented ceiling piece, surrounding overhead lighting and pulling all of the cabinetry together. Along with the beautiful cabinetry in the kitchen, a custom-built cherry office desk with a shaker cabinet—built with functional aesthetics and understated beauty. Included in the home was a custom cherry his and her vanity and a custom cherry piece surrounding the stand-up shower. In the end, this job ended up nearly being a whole home solution to cabinetry and furniture needs.

The expert craftsmen at Custom Woodcraft work with customers to create beautiful, fine woodworking that best suits their needs while bringing out the beauty in every room they enter. The kitchen is often the hub of the home, this Gallik kitchen setup is a gorgeous example of what can be done with space to bring out light and free up space. The solid, light woodwork crafting the cabinetry and countertops really lightens a room and accents the brightness of the room via the windows. The island with bar brings together the kitchen table and the counters in a clever and understated way. The wood used will last a long time, looking as fantastic 10 years from now as it will in 10 minutes.

With the Green kitchen, the Custom Woodcraft team created an elegant kitchen layout with sturdy and beautiful cabinetry. The family wanted to know that they would have kitchen cabinets and an island that would look great and stand the test of time. The wall shelves, fridge cubby, cabinets, and island are a light solid oak with stainless steel handles adorned with white accents to bring out the warmth of the woodwork. Fine woodwork like this is something that makes the time spent in the kitchen all that much better. Contact us to work on creating beautiful cabinetry and furniture for your home.

The Johnson kitchen is another Custom Woodcraft job that resulted in a truly elegant and beautiful room, bringing out the warmth and comfort of home through fine cabinetry and furniture. The entirety of the kitchen is crafted from custom cherry wood, accented with cabinets in the island in a green distressed finish. The ceiling was also adorned with custom woodworking, as it was fleshed out with handcrafted decorative work. Along the top of the custom cabinetry was an adornment of decorative crown molding. The extended top of the island allows for comfortable seating, and the built-in stove adds to the functionality of the beautiful woodwork. When you work with us you don’t just get the most beautiful woodcraft around, you also get an end result that has been designed for functionality.

The cold white of the Moody kitchen brings out the warmth of the room and ties the walls and wood flooring together with a rustic aesthetic and black accents. Within the island, a custom china cabinet was installed, giving the homeowners ample room to place their collection. The light of the wood reflects light and pulls the eye across the room comforting whoever may be walking through, cooking, eating, or socializing. The custom cabinetry surrounding the range is an example of elegant nostalgia combined with fine craftsmanship and simple modernity. The crown molding along the top of the cabinetry is just another example of the level of detail the artisans at Custom Woodcraft put into each and everything that they work on.

The expert woodworkers at Custom Woodcraft work with families and homeowners to create unique and beautiful cabinetry and furniture. The Ostrandr kitchen is an example of the meticulous detail put into the woodworking and design done to create the best overall product possible. The kitchen includes custom cabinetry, display shelving, counters, table, and chairs. The cabinetry runs along the wall, on the protruding corner including inlaid shelving. At the edge of the kitchen, a handcrafted corner shelf and cabinet blends in wonderfully with the rest of the woodwork running throughout the room and adding additional space and functionality.

The warm finish of the cabinetry and island in the Salvatore Kitchen add to the elegance of the woodwork present in every curve and contour created by the expert craftsmen at Custom Woodcraft. The island is adorned with a side cabinet with glass doors, adding functionality as well as a sense of openness that is welcoming as much as it is attractive. The corner cabinet above the counters mirrors the aesthetic of the island cabinet and adds a nice break in the look of the cabinets running the length of the wall. When Custom Woodcraft works with people across New York to create their dream kitchens they listen, they design the most beautiful setup as is possible, and they use the finest materials to ensure the highest quality end product available.

Custom Woodcraft works closely with customers to create the perfect piece of custom wood cabinetry or furniture. The master craftsmen that work with us work with you to design the perfect kitchen islands to add beauty and functionality to the room. With the highest quality handcrafted woodwork, top of the class materials, and decades of experience in the field—you can rest assured that when you craft your ideas with us we can bring it to reality. Custom Woodcraft creates breathtaking and reliable kitchen islands regardless of color, choice of wood, design, or scale.

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